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PICT Warrior - 400 AD Britain
PICT Warrior... what's that? 
The intermittent Roman presence in Scotland coincided with the emergence of the Picts, a
confederation of tribes and tribal Kings. They resisted the Roman incursions into the region. The conflicts were generally limited to raiding parties from both sides of the frontier until the Roman retreat from
Britannia in the late 5th century.
The Picts were farmers living in small communities. Recent evidence has been found of watermills in Pictland; because of the changeable climate, kilns were used for drying kernels of wheat or barley.
Pict dwellings were brochs, drystone towers, or oundhouses called crannogs; these remaind in use beyond the Pictish period.
Pictish Standing Stones
A Pictish stone is a type of
numental stele, generally
carved or incised with
symbols or designs. Located
Scotland, on the Eastern
side of the country, these
stones are the most visible
remaining evidence of the P
icts and are thought to date from the 6th to 9th century.
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